Monday, April 15, 2013

Captain Miracle and Olivia Piggie

It seems that spring is trying to fight its way through these past few weeks and we have fully taken advantage of the handful of beautiful days we've had so far. Visits to the new house site, playgrounds, and fun in the backyard have all been keeping us busy and entertained. One of the more interesting moments included a picnic at a local park where a squirrel circled us the whole time while the kids yelled "No!" at it! At home, Andrew has enjoyed climbing on top of the playhouse and calling himself Captain Miracle. He's a superhero and the playhouse is a train when he's on top...quite the imagination! I've been working with Olivia for her to allow me to get her hair out of her eyes and for her to leave the bow or elastic band alone. I finally succeeded at giving her pig tails, and she looks just like her Olivia the Pig tshirt :) Yesterday it was warm enough to get out some buckets and bowls of water for scooping and dumping, which is probably one of Andrew and Olivia's favorite things to do. Andrew likes to call it "water fight" and it was an appropriate name yesterday when he dumped a container of water over Olivia's head. If these past few weeks are any indication, we have lots of outdoor fun ahead of us this summer!

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