Tuesday, March 26, 2013

House Update

I've been out to check on the progress of our new home a few times since my last update. There has been a lot done that will not be seen once we move in such as wiring, plumbing, and ducting. Very important parts of the house puzzle, but stuff I don't know too much about...if you want details on any of those systems, you'll have to talk to Carl! While waiting for the weather to improve enough to build the garage and then complete the roof (no more snow, please!), Carl has been doing as much as he can in the basement and has completed almost all of the drywall other than the walls around the stairs. Its pretty cool to stand in my future laundry room, feel how much space the kids will have to play in the basement, and imagine living there. The kids, dogs, and I had fun visiting on Saturday before the snow his on Sunday. I'm really excited to see how different the house will look once the garage goes up and the roof and siding can go on. The wall of windows at the back of the house will also be ordered soon...I can't wait to see how amazing that will be when it's put in!

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