Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

What a beautiful day! We enjoyed spending the morning with Carl's parents today before Carl and his dad headed out to take advantage of the great weather today to get some work done on the house. Sue's birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated by making a yummy breakfast followed by a bunny shaped cake. In between all the eating, the kids got baskets from Mamoo and Papa as well as from the Easter Bunny. The Bunny even hid some eggs around the house for Andrew and Olivia to find!

Olivia had a long nap after all the morning fun, then the three of us took advantage of the warm weather and walked to the playground. Andrew was happy to run and climb and Olivia loved practicing climbing and going down slides.

We had some downtime and dinner after the playground and ended the night Facetiming with Grandma Joanie. We were all worn out after such a fun day together :)

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