Friday, February 15, 2013

Go Shorty, It's My Birthday

On Monday, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Wow - how did I get this old?! Really, I often still feel like a kid and find myself thinking its so weird I'm allowed to to these adult things like be married and raise children. But yet, here I am. Guess you're only as old as you feel, right?

Anyway, my birthday was very nice. It started with a visit from my mom last weekend. I even got to take a nap while she and Andrew baked a cake for me! She also prepared a tasty dinner for us. Thanks, Mom!

The birthday fun continued on Sunday with a sushi dinner out with the girls. As always, we had a blast catching up and eating yummy food. I was so thankful to send some time with my friends who I don't see nearly often enough!

My actual birthday was a very busy day, filled with mostly good things (the not good: cleaning dog poop off the floor, emptying and refilling the dishwasher a couple of times, wiping kids' butts). Included in my day: spending time with my favorite 2 munchkins, teaching a challenging PiYo class, many birthday messages via mail, phone, email, and Facebook, and a date with my man after the kids went to sleep!

I'm looking into the coming year with positivity, excited for everything to come (new home, best friend's wedding, and more!)!

Olivia's Dance Party

Olivia and I have some fun while Andrew is at school for the morning. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Young Love

The thought of my children breaking hearts and having their hearts broken hasn't really been a concern of mine just yet. However, perhaps it should be. This morning, Andrew was talking about one of his classmates (a girl we have also had play dates with at our house and hers) and he said that she was his friend, but not anymore. I asked why she wasn't his friend anymore and he said she acted mean to him. Then he said, "I might love her." I totally was not expecting that! I asked if he told her that and he said yes. My reply was, "she didn't like that?", and he said no. :( Poor guy. He's mentioned her a couple more time today saying that she's not his friend anymore because he acted mean to her and she acted mean to him. It's kinda hard to decipher what all is going on in his 3 year old boy head, but hopefully it'll all be resolved when they see each other at school on Monday and they'll be friends again. Till then, it'll be extra hugs and love from Mom and Dad <3