Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nudist and the Underpants Queen

As the title suggests,we have some new characters at our house. Suddenly, Andrew has decided he likes to take all his clothes of at random times throughout the day...so far only at time when it's just us here (thankfully!). Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks ago while cleaning the table after breakfast I hear Andrew yell, "I'm silly cakes," and run by fully undressed! I had a good laugh.

Olivia has become quite interested in the whole potty process and specifically, underwear. She gets ahold of a pair of Andrew's whenever I'm doing laundry or he's left them on the floor and tries to put them on. Usually, I end up having to put them on her over her pants or she gets very upset. A purchase of little girl underwear is in my immediate future. Meanwhile, I just have to hope I can get Andrew dressed again in time to leave for my class at the gym!

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