Sunday, October 28, 2012

Olivia's Birthday Party

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday yesterday with family and a few close friends. It was a fun, somewhat low key party which was great because Olivia made it most of the way through before she became overstimulated and ready for a nap. It was a special treat having my BFF, Claire, here for the party, even though its a six hour drive between our houses. Andrew had a great time playing with everyone, especially his grandpas. Carl grilled delicious sandwiches for everyone. Olivia participated in present opening a little, pulling clothes out of boxes and bags, and chewing on tags and wrapping paper and bows. She has a whole new wardrobe for the winter thanks to everyone at the party! Carl and I gave her a butterfly rocker which is a big hit with both Olivia and Andrew. Luckily, it can hold up to 80 pounds!

It's hard to believe that Olivia will be a year tomorrow and that a year ago today I was having contractions, but not sure if anything would happen for another week or so. Little did I know Olivia would make an early debut! Now I can hardly remember what life was like before she was here. We're so proud of Olivia and are excited to continue watching as she grows from baby into a little girl.

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