Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Weekend

The first weekend of October was full of family visits and fun. The kids and I headed north Saturday morning to spend a few hours with Mimi. Her birthday was earlier in the week and she didn't know that we had arranged a little surprise birthday gathering with my siblings and their families. We arrived at her house and started playing. When everyone else arrived. I went outside to "get something I forgot in the car" and came back in with Nicky, Ken, Logan, and John in tow. She appreciated the surprise and was happy to have our company to keep her mind off the marathon she was running the next day.

After Mimi's surprise, we continued our journey north to spend the night at Nicky and Ken's. We ate a little dinner and got ready for bed then Dad and Susan arrived. They were staying there after the sale of their old home while waiting to close on their new place. I tried to settle Andrew into his own room, but after I left him to get Olivia to bed, he got up and asked Papa John and Maga Suzi if he could come in their room. So Andrew ended up spending the night with them.

We were all up fairly early in preparation of Logan's baptism on Sunday. Olivia and Andrew splashed around in the tub together (this was exciting for them since we only have a shower at our house and they have to use the baby tub.). I have the honor of being Logan's godmother and was excited to participate in the ceremony. Of course the timing worked out just perfect that Olivia was ready to nurse during the ceremony and Maga Suzi did her best to try to keep her calm so I wouldn't miss out on anything.

Another special aspect of the day was that Logan's birth parents joined us. I wasn't sure what it would be like or feel like meeting them. They were very friendly and it was obvious that they love Logan very much and were happy to be included in such a special occasion. It was nice to see that it felt comfortable having them there, mingling with the rest of the family.

Andrew had a blast running around and playing with everyone as usual. Olivia was excited to play with (scream at/pull hair/touch face of) my cousin's daughter, Tera, who is about six months older but not much bigger than Olivia. They seemed to have a good time.

After all the excitement, we set out for home early in the evening. Olivia was so worn out that she slept pretty much the whole way home and all through the night. Andrew slept part of the way and fell right to sleep once we got home. It was a very busy weekend, but I'm happy we are able to spend so much time with our extended family.

Fall Fun

We've been able to get out and enjoy a few nice days lately. Andrew loves running and jumping around the playground. Olivia is quite the daredevil and tries to climb all of the slides and of course the stairs. This means I have to keep a very close eye since she has no sense of safety or danger! I'll be doing a lot of close chasing at playgrounds with her in the coming year!

Pumpkin Chunkin'

The weather was perfect last Sunday for a little fall party out at the shop/our future home. Carl got the pumpkin cannon he built a few years ago out and we launched some pumpkins far out into the field...I think they measured the pumpkins about 1850 feet. Good, clean, country fun!

Several families from Andrew's preschool class were able to join us, as well as a number of our other friends. The food everyone brought to share was great and we all enjoyed some s'mores too! All of the kids loved getting dirty in the dirt mound near the house. Andrew even took off his shoes to get in a mud puddle. I made Carl take care of cleaning him up :)

We look forward to having more gatherings like this once our house is finished sometime next year...we hope!


A little Sunday fun :)

Olivia's Birthday Party

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday yesterday with family and a few close friends. It was a fun, somewhat low key party which was great because Olivia made it most of the way through before she became overstimulated and ready for a nap. It was a special treat having my BFF, Claire, here for the party, even though its a six hour drive between our houses. Andrew had a great time playing with everyone, especially his grandpas. Carl grilled delicious sandwiches for everyone. Olivia participated in present opening a little, pulling clothes out of boxes and bags, and chewing on tags and wrapping paper and bows. She has a whole new wardrobe for the winter thanks to everyone at the party! Carl and I gave her a butterfly rocker which is a big hit with both Olivia and Andrew. Luckily, it can hold up to 80 pounds!

It's hard to believe that Olivia will be a year tomorrow and that a year ago today I was having contractions, but not sure if anything would happen for another week or so. Little did I know Olivia would make an early debut! Now I can hardly remember what life was like before she was here. We're so proud of Olivia and are excited to continue watching as she grows from baby into a little girl.

Monday, October 15, 2012

First Word

Olivia loves babbling and making all kinds of noises. She says, "ma ma" and "da da", among other things, but it can be hard to tell if she's actually referring to us. Well, a couple of days ago, I think she said her "official" first word. Carl was getting home from work and the dogs were going crazy, as usual. Olivia walked over by the door and extended her arm to point and clearly said, "da da". I'm pretty sure his heart melted when I told him what she had done before he came in. She seemed to say it with meaning toward Carl again last night. I think we have a Daddy's little girl on our hands :)