Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My New Nephew!

Sweet baby Logan
On Friday afternoon, I got one of the best, most exciting calls ever. My sister called and after exchanging hellos she asked, "do you hear that?". It sounded quiet from my end, so I said no. She said, "it's a baby crying," and then I heard a little cry in the background. The tears started flowing and all I could say repeatedly was, "oh my god, Nicky!". It took a couple of minutes, but I was finally able to get my thoughts together to congratulate the new parents and ask to hear the story of how it all happened. After more than two years or waiting, Nicky and Ken finally have a son. I had imagined getting that call for so long and it was even better than I ever thought it could be. Right away I made plans so go see the new family on Sunday and started gathering any useful items I could think of. I would have gone immediately on Friday afternoon, but the family needed bonding time and then I had Saturday to get things together.  When I got to Nicky and Ken's house and saw Logan, I felt like like this is the way things should be and the thoughts of how long they had waited were gone.  You could see that Logan already knew he was home and who his Mommy and Daddy are.  I really enjoyed my time cuddling Logan and watching Nicky and Ken with him.  Luckily, I get to see them again in less than 2 weeks and will get to see how much Logan grows in that short time.  Logan is an amazing, perfect tiny boy and I know he will bring endless joy to their lives (probably a little trouble too...that's what boys do!).
7 month old Olivia looking monstrous next to 2 week old Logan
Mommy and Logan :)
Cute cousins