Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Progress!

There's been some progress on the new house since my last post showing the basement excavation.  After a few more revisions, we finalized the plans with our home designer and have the final construction drawings.    While that was happening, Carl and his dad laid out the house footings, laid out and installed basement plumbing, filled in the floor with gravel, and poured the concrete for the footings.  The designer told Carl he was quite enjoying this experience as he had never designed a home WHILE it was being built!  The ICF (insulated concrete form) blocks for the exterior walls should be arriving today or tomorrow and the work of building the walls will begin.  It is so exciting to see our future home starting to take shape!!

Staking out the location of the footings
Basement plumbing (bathroom, laundry room, utility room)
Filling in with gravel
Box seats for the gravel and concrete pouring
Gravel and concrete complete
Blue lines show placement for ICF blocks

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