Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Progress!

There's been some progress on the new house since my last post showing the basement excavation.  After a few more revisions, we finalized the plans with our home designer and have the final construction drawings.    While that was happening, Carl and his dad laid out the house footings, laid out and installed basement plumbing, filled in the floor with gravel, and poured the concrete for the footings.  The designer told Carl he was quite enjoying this experience as he had never designed a home WHILE it was being built!  The ICF (insulated concrete form) blocks for the exterior walls should be arriving today or tomorrow and the work of building the walls will begin.  It is so exciting to see our future home starting to take shape!!

Staking out the location of the footings
Basement plumbing (bathroom, laundry room, utility room)
Filling in with gravel
Box seats for the gravel and concrete pouring
Gravel and concrete complete
Blue lines show placement for ICF blocks

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Race Car Bed!

Andrew has a cool new race car bed thanks to Papa John and Maga Suzi. The visited on Monday and we got the bed set up together. Andrew is loving driving in his new bed!

Olivia's 7 Month Day

Olivia turned 7 months old today! She is getting to be such a big girl. The last month has seen Olivia get very close to crawling (she has no problem getting where she wants by rolling and inchworming) and she also started eating solid foods. So far, she seems to really like green veggies and also a banana/pumpkin combo she's had a couple times. Olivia continues to be a happy and easy going girl. We love making her laugh and watching her personality develop more each day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Place

This morning, I had the opportunity to go for a nice long walk with Olivia and the dogs while Carl and Andrew went out to do some errands.  We could all use the fresh air and exercise and I was happy to get out before it gets too hot this afternoon.  While we were walking, I started to think about the warm sun on my skin, the cool breeze blowing, and the quietness only disturbed by the sounds of trees rustling and birds chirping.  I soon realized how I wished I was near the ocean, so I decided to pretend that's where I was.  In my mind, I added the sound of ocean waves against the beach, the scent of the salty air, and the occasional cool spray of water carried by the wind.  As I visualized, I could feel the looseness of my neck and shoulders as the tension melted away.  All the normal worry, anxiety, and stress floated away.  All I felt was a wonderful sense of calm and quiet.  Ahh...happy place.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Catch-up post

We've been busy here at the Crawford house which means I have been lax in writing, although there have been several things I've been wanting to write about!  So I'll put it all in one big post...

The first big thing is that Andrew finally got a big boy bed!  Well, a twin mattress on the floor at the moment, but that will be changing in a couple of weeks.  That means we were able to set up the crib for Olivia in her own room.  Yes, at 6 months old, the girl finally has her own room set up!  Both children have been doing great with their new beds.  Actually, bedtime has become an pretty streamlined process (patting self on back). We (or I, if Carl is working late) typically have Andrew in bed with lights off by 8 PM and we don't hear much from him till morning.  Olivia is still sleeping well, though I haven't seen a 7+ hour stretch from her in probably a month.  I know, I can't really complain if she sleeps 5 or 6 hours straight, but I was getting spoiled.  She has been working so hard on figuring out how to crawl that I think she just wants to get up and practice!
She is getting so close too!  I think we will have a whole new level of chaos once this girl is fully mobile.

The other big happenings around here revolve mostly around the potty.  I think it's pretty safe to say that Andrew is "potty trained" as he only wears a diaper (we only have 2 left!) for sleep at night and is otherwise in big boy underpants, or often commando.  There have been a few accidents, but mostly he tells me he needs to go and he goes.  Here's the funny part...yesterday Andrew was playing out in the backyard and I was right inside with Olivia.  He came running in asking for help getting his pants and shoes off.  Why?  So he could pee in the grass.  I definitely cracked up and figured it's better than an accident or diapers, right?  It gets even better.  A little while later, I was getting Olivia changed and came back out to see him doing it again!  I asked if he's a doggie (like our 2 dogs) and he said yes.  So then this morning we were getting ready to go to the gym so I could workout and I told him he needed to sit on the potty before we left.  He didn't want to, but wanted to do it outside.  The weather is fine, so I thought, that's fine.  As long as he goes.  He went outside and I saw him pee.  I went out to hurry him along, but he wasn't done.  Yep, he was pooping out there too.  I cracked up laughing and brought him inside so we could leave.  I'm sure he'll be embarrassed when he's older that I'm telling this to the world, but that's what parents are for, right!?

Fun with Cousins

Carl's sister, Sarah, visited with her family from Montreal for a month and we were sad when they had to go home earlier this week.  Thankfully, we were able to go on some special outings and the cousins had some good bonding time too.  A rundown of their visit in pictures (not including Axelle's princess party):

Getting reacquainted with over a snack

Being goofy, as usual

Scovill Zoo

Chillin' with Uncle Greg

Picnic time

Teamwork on the puzzle

Andrew has a lot to teach Zachary

Quiet time at school

On the school playground

Aunt Sarah's friend's pig farm

Marsha had lots of fun things to play on!

ATV ride!

Olivia loves Axelle!

Being silly with Uncle Carl

BIG sandbox
More puzzle fun
Axelle's fist ice cream cone
Ice cream face
Nom nom nom