Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend fun

We've had a fun weekend with Grandma Joanie visiting. The Easter Bunny dropped off baskets for her to bring to Andrew and Olivia. Andrew immediately spotted the cars in his basket and got to work vrooming them on the floor. He also learned how to open the plastic eggs to get the candy out. Olivia had fun playing with her new rattles and teething toys. The fun continued outside with Andrew playing in the dirt with his cars and he also learned how to use his new baseball set.

Andrew also go to color some Easter eggs which resulted him submerging each egg into all 9 colors.  Surprisingly, they didn't all turn out brown and some were actually kind of pretty.

We finished out the weekend by having dinner with Carl's parents followed by a visit to see the baby chicks at Rural King.  This also included checking out the tractors.

Olivia also started rolling over in her sleep which means that we need to stop swaddling her for safety. She didn't nap too well the first day without her trusty wrap so we're weaning her by wrapping her with one arm out to start and hopefully she'll do OK in a few days being totally unswaddled.  She also go some new hairbows :)

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