Monday, April 9, 2012


For the last several years, we haven't done too much for Easter.  Last year, we went to Carl's parents and they hid some eggs for Andrew to find but that was about it.  So this year I decided we would join my family at my dad's house for our traditional Polish Easter feast.  I think there were 12 different types of pierogi and 7 types of sausage along with various side dishes.  One thing we always know if there is a holiday at Dad's house, there will never be a shortage of food!

Andrew loves Pap John's drums
The four of us drove up to Antioch Saturday afternoon so we would have some extra time to spend with Dad and Susan.  Olivia slept almost the whole way and Andrew got a good nap too.  We enjoyed a nice dinner together and play time.  Andrew got to stay up a bit late and when it was time to go to bed in the newly created monkey bedroom, he was not a willing participant.  Apparently large monkeys sitting on a rocking chair and in other places around the room become very creepy at night with the lights of.  After some screaming/crying, an extra trip to the potty, extra reassurance, and removal of the offending monkeys, Andrew finally fell asleep.  
Nice doggie

So funny!
Easter morning began with both Olivia and Andrew waking up around 6:30 AM. We joined Dad and Susan at their church for brunch then had several hours back at their house before the rest of the family arrived.  Andrew and Olivia got to search for Easter eggs and both got baskets with fun toys too.  Andrew had a blast running around with Owen and Auntie Nicky got lots of snuggle time with Olivia the Easter Princess.  We were all worn out by the time we were ready to go home.  Fortunately, the children slept and were successfully transferred to their beds when we got home and slept later than usual this morning.  Currently, Andrew is reviewing his bounty from yesterday's egg hunt as he puts his change into his piggie bank.  It's always nice to go places and visit the ones we love, but it's always good to get back home and back to our routine too :)

Princess Livi
One extra exciting bit of news from this morning. Its been a week since we started no pants at home potty training and for the first time, Andrew went to his potty and did his business while I was out of the room with Olivia.  Yay!!

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