Monday, March 5, 2012

Sleeping Arrangments

I've written a few times about our trials and tribulations with bedtime.  I have also been considering moving Andrew out of the crib for a while. Crazy, you say?  Probably.  I just wondered what would happen.  Perhaps the change in routine would throw a wrench in the stripping/peeing on the floor cycle.  So we decided to go for it Friday night.  Andrew had refused to take a nap so I thought him being extra tired might work in our favor.  The result?  I would call it a success.  It still took a little while for Andrew to get to sleep and we did catch him trying to take his jammies off, but overall the whole experience was calmer than our usual.  We put the gate up at Andrew's door so he couldn't get up and roam the house while we were sleeping and he did OK with that.  When he needed or wanted something, he came to the gate and asked nicely rather than the screaming that usually came from within the crib.  Andrew's grandparents took him to the local children's museum on Saturday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to run some errands with Olivia, including buying a Cars comforter for Andrew's bed.  Anything to get him excited about staying in bed!  So after three nights of freedom, I can say that Andrew is officially out of the crib. We attempted a nap this afternoon and he ended up staying in bed quietly (with Lightening McQueen and Mater) for about 45 minutes.  He tried to get me to stay in there and take a nap too, but the toddler bed is a little cramped even for the not so tall me.  Maybe when he has a twin ;)
Baby Burrito
On the other hand, Olivia continues to be a wonder baby and sleeps very well.  I think the fact that we swaddle her with the Miracle Blanket (Andrew spent many many nights swaddled in the same blanket) certainly doesn't hurt, but our magical girl has been sleeping 7-8 hours when we put her to bed at night, then wakes for a quick feeding and goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Olivia will even fall asleep on her own sometimes!  I feel like I can brag a little now because of all the awake time I spent with Andrew when he was a baby.  Really, I used to think people who claimed their babies slept through the night were big fat liars.  And the advice to lay your baby down drowsy, but awake?  Forget about it!  But now I see that magic can happen.  The only problem with having a magic baby?  She can already escape the Magic Blanket with her determined wiggling (did you know that swaddled babies can be surprisingly mobile? Olivia can turn at least 90 degrees!).

So I guess the next step is to get Andrew a twin bed so Olivia can have the crib. Hopefully he will love his new bed enough that he won't get upset that Olivia gets the crib now.  I did just catch him sitting inside the bassinet attachment of the pack & play where Olivia sleeps though (no, she wasn't in there!)...

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