Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rolling! And other things

 I've been wanting to write a post for a few days, but Olivia and I were hit by the cold and cough Andrew brought home last week and I've been doing as little as possible. We're both getting better now so here I go. On Tuesday, Olivia got that whole rolling from tummy to back thing figured out. Even though she wasn't feeling good she was determined and did it several times. We're so proud! She's such a curious girl that I think she'll really be moving as soon as she gets her arms and legs coordinated a little more.

As for the "other things" part of this post, I'll start with Monday night. I was really not feeling well by bedtime and praying that it went smoothly. We got Andrew bathed, jammie'd, and set up with a snack in his chair to keep him occupied while I fed Olivia. After a few minutes I realized it had gotten really quiet. When I looked in Andrew's room, this is what I found:
Car nap

Guess he was tired! Thankfully, I successfully transferred him to his bed and he was out for the night. Andrew's sleeping patterns have really been off, so we're happy for any success in that department. Then on the way home from school Tuesday Andrew seemed really drowsy so I asked him if he wanted to sleep thinking I could drive him around for awhile if that's the only way he'd take a nap. He said no, he wanted his lunch, so we came home. When I stopped the car, Andrew protested that he wanted the music back on and he didn't want to get out. I asked him again if he wanted to sleep and this time he said yes. So I proceeded to drive 2 sleeping children around for about an hour. The only problem was that I really needed to pee! But it was worth waiting to avoid the crankiness of a tired but napless child.

We had more success with bedtime last night. Carl was able to get Andrew's teeth brushed and corralled into his room where we did a little snack and some books before lights out. There were a couple of requests for water and back rubbing, but no big tantrum. Yay! Not sure what the chances of repeating the same tonight are, but my fingers are crossed. All the outside play time with this warm weather certainly helps!
Give me a bowl of water and I'm entertained for hours

Two cute things to end with. First, when Andrew said goodbye to Olivia before leaving for school today, he gave her a kiss and told her "I love you" without being prompted. It was so sweet! And today was one of Andrew's good friends last day at school before they move away.  Andrew and Ali have been buddies for over a year and a half and always have a great time running around chasing each other.  They both also love trucks and each has a little sister.  We'll miss Ali and his family a lot!
Andrew and Ali at a playground, May 2011

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