Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 5 Month Day Olivia!

It's unbelievable how fast the time has gone, but it's Olivia's 5 month birthday today!! She has grown so much and developed a very sweet and smiley personality. We are excited to see all the new things she'll be doing in the coming months.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

O Happy Day!

I just experienced the smoothest bedtime that we've had in a long time (not counting the night that Andrew fell asleep in his chair!) and needed to share my excitement! Could we be turning a new leaf in the book of bedtime battles? I sure hope so! It is so nice to end the day calmly instead of with tantrums and screaming. Between a calmer evening and Olivia sleeping around 10 hours straight each night (I know, we're lucky!), I might actually feel rested one of these mornings :)

I also need to share a funny Andrew quote from today. I was kissing/tickling Olivia's toes and making her giggle and Andrew said, "don't eat her! She's not food! She's not tasty!"
Gotta love him!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fitness update

Its been awhile since I wrote about my "return to pre-pregnancy fitness" plan. Well, things have been going ok, but I definitely haven't been getting in as much exercise as I would like. Partly due to laziness, and partly due to being tired and the challenge of fitting it in with the schedules of Andrew and Olivia. The days when I have worked out at home, the children have actually been pretty cooperative. Andrew likes to pick up my 2 pound weights and try to copy what I'm doing and he also offers encouragement such as "good job, Mommy!". Olivia watches and sometimes laughs. I'm still teaching a weekly Turbo Kick class and subbing other classes so that helps keep me going too. With the warm weather we've been having, I plan to get out and walk more. Pushing Andrew in the stroller and holding Olivia in a carrier counts as a workout for sure! Overall, I feel that I am improving, but I need to renew my commitment and motivation to do more. I know that I will not only feel (ok, and look) better physically, but also mentally. I really could use reduced stress and increased patience these days considering that Andrew has decided that he's not going to nap any more!

Ok, so I have to work harder on the exercise part, but my eating habits have been pretty good. Except for the raging sweet tooth I've had. It's a serious ice cream problem, and I'm willing to admit it. I am trying to break the cycle though, and other than the dessert addiction, have been eating healthfully for the most part. I've been successful with making a weekly plan for dinners and that really makes a difference.

Anyway, I haven't done any measurements to track my physical progress other than my weight and am now only 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I'd say that's pretty darn good, especially since Olivia is not quite five months old yet. I fit into most of my old clothes too, although they don't look quite the same (probably never will!).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rolling! And other things

 I've been wanting to write a post for a few days, but Olivia and I were hit by the cold and cough Andrew brought home last week and I've been doing as little as possible. We're both getting better now so here I go. On Tuesday, Olivia got that whole rolling from tummy to back thing figured out. Even though she wasn't feeling good she was determined and did it several times. We're so proud! She's such a curious girl that I think she'll really be moving as soon as she gets her arms and legs coordinated a little more.

As for the "other things" part of this post, I'll start with Monday night. I was really not feeling well by bedtime and praying that it went smoothly. We got Andrew bathed, jammie'd, and set up with a snack in his chair to keep him occupied while I fed Olivia. After a few minutes I realized it had gotten really quiet. When I looked in Andrew's room, this is what I found:
Car nap

Guess he was tired! Thankfully, I successfully transferred him to his bed and he was out for the night. Andrew's sleeping patterns have really been off, so we're happy for any success in that department. Then on the way home from school Tuesday Andrew seemed really drowsy so I asked him if he wanted to sleep thinking I could drive him around for awhile if that's the only way he'd take a nap. He said no, he wanted his lunch, so we came home. When I stopped the car, Andrew protested that he wanted the music back on and he didn't want to get out. I asked him again if he wanted to sleep and this time he said yes. So I proceeded to drive 2 sleeping children around for about an hour. The only problem was that I really needed to pee! But it was worth waiting to avoid the crankiness of a tired but napless child.

We had more success with bedtime last night. Carl was able to get Andrew's teeth brushed and corralled into his room where we did a little snack and some books before lights out. There were a couple of requests for water and back rubbing, but no big tantrum. Yay! Not sure what the chances of repeating the same tonight are, but my fingers are crossed. All the outside play time with this warm weather certainly helps!
Give me a bowl of water and I'm entertained for hours

Two cute things to end with. First, when Andrew said goodbye to Olivia before leaving for school today, he gave her a kiss and told her "I love you" without being prompted. It was so sweet! And today was one of Andrew's good friends last day at school before they move away.  Andrew and Ali have been buddies for over a year and a half and always have a great time running around chasing each other.  They both also love trucks and each has a little sister.  We'll miss Ali and his family a lot!
Andrew and Ali at a playground, May 2011

Thursday, March 8, 2012


One thing we have been very lucky with is having 2 children that have been exceptionally healthy thus far (knocking on wood now!). I can remember only one time that Andrew has acted completely different from normal because he wasn't feeling good and that was only for a day. Sure, he's had coughs and runny noses, but no significant illnesses. Unfortunately, I had to keep him home from preschool today (there was a field trip today that we missed!) because he had a rough night feeling feverish and kept crying out in his sleep. I felt so bad for the little guy. He slept a little late this morning and doesn't seem to feel too bad but has an uncomfortable cough and stuffy/runny nose. Hopefully a day or two of some extra tlc and he'll be good as new.

Olivia is still healthy so I hope Andrew doesn't cough on her too much and get her sick too! I definitely don't want to find out what it's like to have a sick infant!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sleeping Arrangments

I've written a few times about our trials and tribulations with bedtime.  I have also been considering moving Andrew out of the crib for a while. Crazy, you say?  Probably.  I just wondered what would happen.  Perhaps the change in routine would throw a wrench in the stripping/peeing on the floor cycle.  So we decided to go for it Friday night.  Andrew had refused to take a nap so I thought him being extra tired might work in our favor.  The result?  I would call it a success.  It still took a little while for Andrew to get to sleep and we did catch him trying to take his jammies off, but overall the whole experience was calmer than our usual.  We put the gate up at Andrew's door so he couldn't get up and roam the house while we were sleeping and he did OK with that.  When he needed or wanted something, he came to the gate and asked nicely rather than the screaming that usually came from within the crib.  Andrew's grandparents took him to the local children's museum on Saturday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to run some errands with Olivia, including buying a Cars comforter for Andrew's bed.  Anything to get him excited about staying in bed!  So after three nights of freedom, I can say that Andrew is officially out of the crib. We attempted a nap this afternoon and he ended up staying in bed quietly (with Lightening McQueen and Mater) for about 45 minutes.  He tried to get me to stay in there and take a nap too, but the toddler bed is a little cramped even for the not so tall me.  Maybe when he has a twin ;)
Baby Burrito
On the other hand, Olivia continues to be a wonder baby and sleeps very well.  I think the fact that we swaddle her with the Miracle Blanket (Andrew spent many many nights swaddled in the same blanket) certainly doesn't hurt, but our magical girl has been sleeping 7-8 hours when we put her to bed at night, then wakes for a quick feeding and goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Olivia will even fall asleep on her own sometimes!  I feel like I can brag a little now because of all the awake time I spent with Andrew when he was a baby.  Really, I used to think people who claimed their babies slept through the night were big fat liars.  And the advice to lay your baby down drowsy, but awake?  Forget about it!  But now I see that magic can happen.  The only problem with having a magic baby?  She can already escape the Magic Blanket with her determined wiggling (did you know that swaddled babies can be surprisingly mobile? Olivia can turn at least 90 degrees!).

So I guess the next step is to get Andrew a twin bed so Olivia can have the crib. Hopefully he will love his new bed enough that he won't get upset that Olivia gets the crib now.  I did just catch him sitting inside the bassinet attachment of the pack & play where Olivia sleeps though (no, she wasn't in there!)...