Sunday, February 26, 2012

Return of the Pee Bandit

After the big pee on the floor incident last week, we got a little creative in our efforts to keep the floor dry. Carl safety pinned Andrew into his jammies each night while I dressed him in pants he couldn't easily pull off during the day. We had success until last night. Carl redressed Andrew once after we put him to bed with a stern reminder to leave his clothes and diaper on. A short while later, Andrew was calling for me so I walked into his bedroom and stepped in something wet. The little bugger had peed all over the floor again! We got everything cleaned up and put him back t bed and thankfully, that was it for the night.

Before nap time today, Andrew was asking about his underpants (he has a few pairs of training pants but he hasn't worn them yet). A couple of days earlier he wanted them on over his diaper during nap. (I guess he's really into underwear right now because on the way to Target today he told me we were going to pick out underpants for Olivia because she's a big girl). We did the same today and then after nap I decided that we would take the diaper off for the rest of the day and just wear the underpants. Andrew has stayed dry so far and used the potty before dinner. We'll see what happens at bed time, but with any luck the next update will be about Underpants Man!

On another note, this boy loves Nutella so much that he ate it with his eggs this morning. EW.

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  1. Our boys love Nutella. We go through it like crazy.