Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Olivia's 4 month birthday

It's Leap Day and Olivia's 4 month birthday!  She had her checkup yesterday and was deemed a healthy girl.  Current stats: 13 lbs 1.5 oz; 24.4 inches (approx. 40th and 50th percentiles).  Just for comparison, at his 4 month checkup Andrew was 18 lbs 9 oz and 25.8 inches.  I think perhaps that Olivia will take more after me size-wise than her dad!

Highlights from our photo shoot today:
Don King hair

Happy girl :)

Andrew had to be bribed with chocolate to take a pic with his sister

Cute feet!

P.S. Olivia is peacefully napping and I can hear Andrew jumping on his bed.

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