Monday, February 20, 2012

Family time/ the pee bandit

The weekend started off on Friday afternoon with a silly self-portrait photoshoot for Andrew and me. We had a pretty fun afternoon and evening that day which set the scene for an enjoyable weekend. Saturday morning, the four of us set off for the northern suburbs to celebrate the first birthday of my cousin's daughter. We hadn't seen my cousins or aunt and uncle since last summer, so it was fun to catch up and have them finally meet Olivia. After the party, we stayed overnight at my sister's house and had a slumber party there with Mimi (Nicky and Ken were off on a weekend trip so they missed out on our fun!). Andrew was thrilled to play with one of Uncle Ken's childhood trucks and had a great time running around with Mimi. We had set up the air mattress in the room where we usually sleep thinking (hoping!) Andrew would sleep on it and Carl and I would take the bed. It didn't quite work out that way. Andrew ended up falling asleep with his head resting on my back while Carl was up brushing his teeth. Carl scooted Andrew off of me and went to sleep on the air mattress. Unfortunately for me, Andrew is a bit of a thrasher. I've had better nights of sleep.

Sunday morning, John and Amy brought a delicious breakfast over and we had some time to play before we headed back home. Andrew took them both on playdates in the house and John helped Andrew with a puzzle that Mimi gave him. The ride home was uneventful except that Andrew fell asleep about three minutes before we got home which did not bode well for nap time. We had some lunch and attempted to get Andrew down for a nap, but were unsuccessful. Later on while I was cooking dinner, I realized that it had gotten really quiet. I looked over to the couch where Andrew was sitting and he had fallen asleep. It was quite cute, but I wasn't sure if I should try to wake him for dinner or just try to put him in his bed. He woke up on his own while I was feeding Olivia and was all confused and cranky. I was able to get him to eat and then into the bath tub. It wasn't until I put him to bed that things got interesting.

We did our normal routine of teeth brushing, potty, and a bed time book. I figured that Andrew might be a little extra cranky/screamy for a few minutes but that he would fall asleep pretty quickly. Well, I was wrong. He didn't do a lot of screaming this time, but pulled a new trick out of the bed time revolt bag. I heard Andrew undo the Velcro of his diaper so I went in to see what was going on after a few minutes. He was standing there, naked, and when I asked him what was going on, he told me he peed. Yep, he had peed on the floor. Apparently there is a pee reserve for these occasions since he had just gone ten minutes before. I cleaned up and redressed the boy. I emphasized that his diaper and clothes are to stay on and that pee (or poop) goes in the toilet or diaper ONLY. Thankfully exhaustion must have set in and all was quiet shortly after.

Cut to nap time today. Again, we followed our usual routine. I changed Andrew's diaper (he didn't want to use the potty this time), we read a book, and turned the lights off. He called me in shortly after and I found him laying there pantsless and pulling the Velcro of his diaper off. I redressed him and said good night again. We did this routine about 4 times and then the fifth time, I stepped in something wet when I walked toward the crib. Pee on the floor. A lot of it. The edge of the area rug was soaked. Me = not happy. Clean up. Re-diaper and redress. Repeat this cycle 3 more times in the next hour and a half. I finally called it a day in regards to getting a nap. I called Carl to vent a little and to let him know what is in store for bed time tonight. The pee bandit.

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