Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Amazing PJ's vanisher

Andrew has never been a great sleeper, even when he was a baby. We used to think he had some sort of internal indicator that caused him to scream when the person holding and jiggling him to sleep sat down. The last 2 weeks, he has added something new to his repertoire of anti-bedtime tactics.  It started one night when we put Andrew to bed wearing footie PJ's, the kind with the zipper from neck to foot.  He went through his usual, "I need a drink," "Mommy, pat my back," jumping on the bed and yelling random stuff routine.  Eventually, Carl went in to check on him and found Andrew naked except for his diaper and a mine field of stuffed animals on the floor (said mine field is a regular part of the nightly happenings). Carl came back into our room swinging Andrew's jammies around to show me what was going on.  Andrew was redressed and told not to take his PJ's off again.  When I went back in a little while later, the picture was the same.  Naked boy, animals everywhere.  After a diaper change and getting dressed again, Andrew finally fell asleep.

This week, we progressed to the removal of pants and shirt.  That happened a couple of times.  Then a couple of nights ago, I heard Andrew calling for help saying something about his diaper.  I figured he went pee and needed to be changed.  I went in (by this time is was about 11PM and he had been in bed over 2 hours and had yet to quiet down) to find a fully naked boy, except for socks.  Yes, he discovered how to undo his diaper.  Thankfully there wasn't poop involved.  The culmination of all of this though, has got to be last night.  Andrew actually went to sleep without too much fussing, screaming bloody murder, etc.  I poked my head in to check because I was surprised that we hadn't heard too much from him before it was quiet.  Cut to about 2AM this morning.  I woke up to an Andrew scream. Carl went into Andrew's room to find him curled up in a naked little ball without a blanket and in a puddle of pee.  Apparently he had done his clothing and diaper removal before going to sleep and didn't ask for help to get it all back on this time.  I failed to see anything out of the ordinary when I had looked in earlier.  So Carl put a diaper and jammies back on Andrew while I stripped the wet sheets (luckily, I double layer the crib for just such an occasion).  After a drink of water and a little back patting, Andrew was back to sleep.

So now I have to wonder what's coming next...

"I'm taking a nap in my car"

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