Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moments to remember

It's only Tuesday and already we've had a few moments this week that I want to be sure to remember. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures or video because these were spontaneous little vignettes, but the stories are funny/cute on their own.

The first one was yesterday in the morning. Andrew is getting quite good with the potty so we try to give him plenty of opportunities to go. When he got up, instead of just changing his diaper I said let's go sit on the potty. Well, he decided his Special Agent Oso doll needed to work on potty training too. So Oso joined us in the bathroom and Andrew positioned him on the little potty then got on his potty seat on the big toilet. After successfully doing his business. Andrew got down and picked Oso up off the potty, checked out Oso's bottom, and told Oso "good job!".

Then in the afternoon, Andrew was playing nicely with his crayons, coloring and then pretending they were treats and offering some to me too. This treat sharing went on for some time. The crayons were still out when I had to change Olivia's diaper. We came back out to the living room a few minutes later to find Andrew hiding under the dining table eating a crayon! I'm not sure whether he was hiding under there because he knew he wasn't supposed to be eating crayons (we've had that discussion many times) or if he was imagining a secret fort or something that I could never imagine. Regardless, I got a kick out of it!

Today was another "caught in the act" moment when I was again in the other room for a few minutes tending to Olivia. It was very quiet and when I walked into the kitchen, I saw that the dogs' water bowls were empty and there were two rags on the floor. Andrew was also there with the mop, cleaning up the mess. He said, "Mommy, I'm cleaning." I reminded him that we don't play with the dog bowls and thanked him for cleaning up the mess.

One other cute thing from today was during yet another diaper change for Olivia. Andrew brought his step stool over and said, "I can change her." He really did try to help, but isn't quite capable just yet :)
getting the diaper ready

In addition to these fun memories from the last two days, I have some new fun Andrew quotes to share. Like most two year olds, you never know what is going to come out of his mouth!
"That sounds great!"
"I'll have a caramel mocha. That'll be it."
"This is my beer."
"(enter name here) can help us."
"What's wrong, Olivia?" (not funny, just cute that he cares when his baby sister is crying!)
"Great job, Mommy!"
"I'm so proud of you!"
"It's on Facebook"
"That's for grown ups"

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