Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Week for Mr. 2 Year Old!

Obligatory 1st day of school photo
Andrew has been 2 for a whole week now and has had a big week of accomplishments to mark the occasion.  First, this was his first week at preschool.  Two days per week for three hours (but only 2 hours this week for adjusting).  We got to school on Tuesday and Andrew walked into the classroom and started playing right away.  Seeing that he was entertaining himself, I signed him in, gave him a kiss goodbye and headed out.  The teacher gave an excellent report when I returned: no crying, had fun playing, etc.  On Thursday, Andrew remembered that I had left him there on Tuesday and kept holding my hand and showing me stuff.  I said goodbye and I would be back soon and handed him over to the teacher.  Andrew made a sad face and cried a little.  When I got back, another excellent report!  He recovered VERY quickly when I left and "played hard" according to the teacher.  The evidence came in the form of a three hour nap right after lunch and a declaration of "I want to go back to school" when he woke up.  Sure, not all two year olds will be ready to go to preschool on there own, but I think this will be a wonderful thing for Andrew.

The other big news for the week is that Andrew used his potty for the first time Thursday night before bed.  We've had the potty for a few months and encourage Andrew to try sitting on it (usually after bath) to help him get used to it.  But we have not been doing any "training" at all.  So last night I asked Andrew if he wanted to use his potty before getting his jammies on and next thing I know, there's pee in the potty and it's singing a happy little potty song!  This was unexpected and very exciting!  Attempts for a repeat performance this morning were a no-go so when we were getting ready for nap and I asked if he wanted to go on the potty, I didn't expect much.  But viola! Success!  I couldn't be more proud.  So now we have to figure out what's next.  We didn't plan on potty training before the new baby arrives, but looks like we may be on the start of a road toward only one child in diapers.  Yipee!!  Stay tuned to see how it goes...

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