Friday, August 12, 2011

27 Weeks along and still kickin'

Turbo & PiYo day
People are sometimes surprised when I tell them that I am still teaching Turbo Kick this far along in pregnancy.  In fact, current recommendations state that pregnant women should exercise most, or all, days of the week at an intensity that allows them to carry on a conversation.  (no more keeping your heart rate under 140 beats per minute!).  Maintaining your current fitness level throughout pregnancy provides an array of benefits ranging from being better able to cope through labor, to returning to pre-pregnancy weight faster, and there are even studies that show that children whose mothers exercised while pregnant score higher on IQ tests!  Those are good enough reasons for me to keep up my workout routine as long as possible!  So I thought I would video myself (and my class) doing Turbo this morning to show those who are curious what Turbo at 27 weeks pregnant looks like.  Yes, I have toned it down quite a bit, choosing squats over burpees and skipping tuck jumps.  But I'm still sweaty and working hard.


  1. You are awesome Colleen!! Love your class! It looks like I have a little baby bump too...nice. ;)