Monday, August 1, 2011

100 days left!

Down to 100 days left in this pregnancy!  It has gone by fast, but November still seems like a long ways away.  Even so, I am getting anxious to meet this new little one and have been imagining what life will be like with 2 monsters running around.  Carl and I have both been going back and forth on whether we think Andrew is getting a brother or sister, but I did have a dream that it was a little girl.  It was the first time I've had a dream like that.  If I'm right, I'll have to claim mother's intuition...although 50/50 odds also work in my favor :)

I've also been thinking about all the things we used when Andrew was little that were especially helpful and that we will definitely use again.  The first item is the Miracle Blanket.  Swaddling worked wonderfully to keep Andrew calm and help him sleep when he was little.  This blanket made swaddling so easy, and he was unable to break out.  The little arm wraps to keep baby's arms at his/her sides (we call it the baby straight jacket) are key!

See the resemblance??
Another item we used often was our Moby Wrap.  If you've ever looked into babywearing, you've probably seen the Moby Wrap and other similar carriers.  Both Carl and I could use the same wrap and both really enjoyed having our baby close.  Since Andrew didn't like to be still while sleeping, the Moby Wrap was a lifesaver.  I could wrap him up and walk around the house (or anywhere) and he would quickly and peacefully fall and stay asleep without killing my arms or back.  I've even loaned it out to a couple of mom friends because I knew they'd love it too.  Of course, I'll be getting it back by the time "Baby X" arrives!

Checking out the Illini Union
As Andrew got bigger and too heavy for the Moby Wrap, I tried both a woven wrap and ring-sling carrier.  I enjoyed using both of those as well.  I'm interested in finding other types of carriers to try with this baby.  I've heard good things about the Ergo Baby Carrier and the Boba Baby Carrier.  Both are soft structured carriers that adjust to the user and can be used to carry baby in a few different ways.  They seem simple to use and easy to get on and off.  I'll be looking for people to borrow from to try them out before buying.

I'll be wracking my brain these next few months to make sure we have the items that we're must-haves for us when Andrew was a baby.  While every baby is different, I think this will be a good start toward being prepared.  Hopefully this new baby doesn't throw us too many curve balls!

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