Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday thoughts

It's Friday.  Andrew is still napping.  It's been 2 days since I started this thing.  So I guess it's time to write a real post.  But, inspiration has yet to strike.  While I'm waiting for that to happen, a somewhat random collection of thoughts and what's going on.

I am so sore from my PiYo class yesterday morning.  My legs, my butt, even my abs (didn't know pregnant abs could get sore!).  We've been doing the same lesson for 3 weeks know.  This has me wondering if I'm really working that hard or if extra soreness is just a function of the pregnant body.  Or maybe it's due to the extra pounds I've packed on so far.  Regardless, I'm just thankful to be having a smooth pregnancy and am able to continue teaching my classes for as long as I want.

Then there's this heat.  Oppressive, energy-sucking heat.  And the heat warning keeps getting extended.  I shouldn't complain because, yes, we have air conditioning and I don't have to spend long periods out in the sun.  But the summer is supposed to be for playing outside!  I am so looking forward to getting Andrew back outside next week to play in his pool and go to the playground with his little friends.  The dogs are getting stir crazy too!

Despite the weather, I'm excited for some fun activities this weekend.  It starts off with a Lia Sophia jewelry party hosted by a couple of friends.  Our friend, Holly, is our awesome Lia Sophia advisor...check out her website: Holly's Lia Sophia site.  She showed me the new catalog and I'm pumped to see this stuff in person.  The family and friend fun continues tomorrow with the Speed Source (Carl's business) Open House.  Always fun to hang out with friends and grill some yummy food!  Then we'll be off to celebrate the marriage of my friend Lisa at her reception in the evening.  We sadly missed the wedding in Mexico, but are happy to be a part of tomorrow's party!  After all of that, I'll probably need Sunday to recover.  And plan for a trip to the county fair sometime during the week.  I'm already thinking about the delicious, fried fair food I'm going eat!

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